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Padre Antonio Soler cycle

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To commemorate the 250th anniversary of the birth of Antonio Soler, the Foundation organised a series of concerts of music by this composer, one of the most important of the eighteenth century in Spain. A pupil of Scarlatti and a teacher of the Infante Gabriel, P. Soler is remembered for both his instrumental and religious music, as well as a music theorist. These four concerts featured a selection from over 200 keyboard sonatas he composed, performed at the harpsichord or the piano, as well as some of his quintets with harpsichord or organ, early examples of a genre that would develop into the piano quintet. The third concert consisted of pieces from Soler’s vast sacred-music output, with examples of works in Latin (such as his Salve) and three villancicos (Contradanza de colegio, De un maestro de capilla and Congregante y festero).

Concerts in this series