Thematic Fridays

Beethoven’s Symphonies in Chamber Arrangements

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Perhaps no other orchestral repertory has had such a great influence over music history as Ludwig van Beethoven’s nine symphonies. Yet for much of the nineteenth century, music aficionados didn’t have many opportunities to hear them in their original orchestral versions. The difficulties in putting together a complete orchestra gave rise to innumerable and varied arrangements. These seven concerts, given by outstanding performers, present the complete Beethoven symphonies. But they do so by reconstructing the way in which they were usually heard during the period, that is, in arrangements for different chamber ensembles, from the solo piano, piano 4 hands and piano 8 hands, to the nonet for woodwinds, as well as the trio, quartet, quintet, and sextet. Thus, modern listeners will be able to discover a new dimension to these works, as revealed in arrangements by Johann Nepomuk Hummel, Ferdinand Lukas Schubert, Franz Liszt, Carl Friedrich Ebers, Michael Gotthard Fischer, Wenzel Sedlak, Theodor Kirchner and Beethoven himself.

Each concert will be preceded by an introductory presentation given by a musicologist, music critic or composer: Pablo-L. Rodríguez, Tomás Marco, José Luis García del Busto, Ramón Andrés, Joan Vives, Luca Chiantore and Juan José Carreras. These presentations will explain some of the most important historical and aesthetic keys to listening to music that is so well known and, at the same time, always so new.

Concerts in this series