Lecture Series

The administration of beauty. Art, artists and museums in a historical perspective

This series took place onFrom to

After the many courses programed by the Fundación March since more than thirty years around the great artistic movements of the historical vanguard, in May the series The administration of beauty will be offered by six specialists analyzing the big questions of art from other perspectives.

The evolution of the status of artist will be addressed (from artist-craftsman to artist-genius), also the concept of art itself (of an art-beauty to an art independent of beauty), as well as the artistic institutions and systems (museums, exhibitions, galleries, curators, critics, etc.) along the last two and a half centuries.

What has happened in the last centuries to have a number of individuals devoted to artisan traditions and guilds -the artists- transform into the paradigm of free an genius creators of radical novelties? What has happened recently to have the artists, previously seen as genius, now considered as managers administrating with ability the unique -and expensive- products of their strategies? What has changed between those 18th century pure judgements upon exclusive objects ("it is beautiful", "it pleasures") and the current rumor of the public in galleries and exhibitions in front of objects, in many occasions common ("it works", "how interesting")? What changes have the objects experienced when passing from private collections to public archives of the culturally valuable, this is, museums? How has the 18th century museum changed after its successive crisis, critics, and re-privatizations?

These are the main topics that will be addressed in these conferences.

Lectures in this series