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Universe, life, evolution and search beyond the Earth

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Through researching the borders of the Cosmos, humans seek to understand not only the origin of the Universe, but also to understand life and being able to recognize it beyond our earthly frontiers. But, are there really evidences of life outside our planet? And in case there is life, is there any way to recognize it? The discovery of organisms capable of developing in extreme environmental conditions in Earth has allowed, one one hand, to demonstrate that life is adaptable, and on the other, the wide range of possibilities for the existence of life, not only in our planet but in the rest of the Solar System and the Universe.

In this series of conferences we will analyze the most recent advances of research on the events that have occurred along the Evolution of the Universe, which ultimately has lead to the organization of an interstellar medium that generated our solar system and finally the apparition of life in Earth.

Data on organisms adapted to extreme Earth environments will be presented, like the ones found in the Tinto River, which prove that even in Earth, the living organisms can thrive in the most extreme conditions, and also, due to the analogy with Mars, they are a good basis for designing the possible models of life that could exist in other corners of the Universe.

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