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Thanks to the comparative studies done, little by little along the last fifty years, the project of writing the history of the Western hemisphere from a totally new, integrated and comprehensive focus, is finally becoming real. The concept of a trans-american, intra-american, or pan-american history is in opposition to the traditional exceptionalism of the North American historians and the self-enclosing trend of the Latin American historical tradition. Also, the American countries regardless of the evident difficulties and failures, are approaching more and more to the attempt of establishing new economical and political collaborations. For Spain, whose history is completely inseparable of the American, this new status poses both, a challenge and an opportunity. In this series of conferences, some of the most distinguished specialists will offer their knowledge to this plan and will propose new perspectives on the past of the New World as a whole, or through comparative approximations that should help us understand the complex divergence and convergence patterns that have been caused by the current America.