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Juan Valera: his life, his work, his times

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Literary creation from the letters of Juan Valera
(Summary of the speaker)

Private correspondence is a singular way of expression and communication that artists of all times have used to explain their vision of the world. Juan Valera wrote thousands of letters during his life and included in them fascinating reflections f his biography projected over the social life of Spain and the other Western countries along the second half of the 19th century that he knew. In the announced conferences, a review of his experience as reader and writer will be done through his ingenious epistolary writing.

The first session will be devoted to the impressions and judgements that Valera registered about the literary creations of other writers, Spanish and in other languages, that he had read with attention, or he had dealt with at some point. The very rich information that his letters contain about the different creators and literary modalities that manifested along the century, offers us a rich landscape that can be complemented with the articles of literary critic that he published in newspapers of different countries, a journalistic work that has consecrated him as one of the Hispanic critics of recognized authority.

The second session will search in between the lines of the letters the functioning of Juan Valera's literary workshop. His poetic writing, his translations, and, in a fundamental way, his narrations, receive a peculiar light from the news and confidences he posed to his epistolary confidents since his years of training until the year of his death (1905).