Lecture Series

Four emotions

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In 1941, the French historian Lucien Febvre wrote a seminal article in which he denounced that there were elements as basic of the social behavior as fear, hate, cruelty or love that had been excluded from the narrations about political and economic decisions. Vanished, so to speak, from the history of mankind, these emotions and others have taken their revenge and are now located at the heart of our culture. Globalization is covered by emotions, it exhibits and foresters them without modesty, they are retransmitted live and break down the borders of intimacy. New concepts and problems, as the ones posed by definitions of style and emotional community, or the evaluating nature of the experience, are addressed from several perspectives. As we will see in this series of conferences, the emotions are historical in the sense that they are integrated within an system of cognitive, material and cultural values. We all experience emotions, but each of us in a different way. This is why, the consecutive sessions devoted to pain (Javier Moscoso), love in a double temporal record -Medieval and contemporary- (José Enrique Ruiz-Doménec y Jimena Canales), and resentment (Manuel Lucena Giraldo), propose a comprehension of the emotions somewhat distant from the false anachronisms like the theological positioning. 

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