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Antonio Martínez Sarrión

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Tuesday, November 13
Antonio Martínez Sarrión
Poetry today: Liberty and Responsibility

Thursday, November 15
The poet reads his own work


Antonio Martínez Sarrión is a poet, essayist and translator. He holds a Law Degree from the University of Murcia. His work has been included in the Poetry Anthology Nueve Novísimos poetas españoles by José María Castellet. As an essayist he is the author of, amongst others, Infancia y corrupciones, Una juventud, and Jazz y días de lluvia. He has translated some works of Baudelaire and Victor Hugo. He received the Stendhal Translation Prize in 1990. The highlights of his poetry are works such as Teatro de operaciones, Pauta para conjurados, Cordura, Poeta en diwan, as well as various anthologies.

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