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Bécquer: his life, his work, his time

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Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer has sometimes been considered a Romantic poet who followed in the footsteps of the German poet Heinrich Heine or the English poet Lord Byron in the lyric tradition. Professor Jesús Rubio Jiménez of the Universidad de Zaragoza will analyse the life of the Sevillian poet from his early years until his arrival in Madrid, in autumn 1854, and his incorporation into the cultural life of the Spanish capital in two lectures, underlining the importance of the dialogue of the arts in Bécquer and the universal dimension of his works, which are grounded in the best of the Western tradition. For Jesús Rubio, “the modernity of the author of Rimas (Rhymes) and Leyendas (Legends) lies in the fact that he belongs to that complex and universal tradition, of which he forms part in a natural way as a result of a prodigious writing ability”.

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