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Christophe Coin, cello and Petr Mašlaň , cello

Histories of the cello: The emancipation

Works by G. Cervetto, G. dall'Abaco, S. Galeotti, C. Graziani, J.P. and J.L. Duport and L. Boccherini


The violoncello didn’t become a solo instrument until the eighteenth century, breaking away from its role as the basso continuo and establishing a repertory of its own. In this context, Italian cellists played a leading role. Many travelled all over Europe, with their sights set on London, where public concerts began to be held. Others found a place in the courts of France or Prussia. But the most outstanding Italian cellist was Luigi Boccherini, who settled in Spain in 1768 and whose output is central to the cello repertory. 

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