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Ópera Cómica de Madrid. Francisco Matilla, director. Fernando Poblete, coordinator.

Parodies and Homages. Wargner parodied

Lorenzín o el camarero del cine, zarzuela parodia de Lohengrin de Wagner


Celsa the Foolish, accused of fratricide by Talemundo, faces a popular trial. Her defence is based on announcing the arrival of a dashing knight who is coming to save her and who, effectively, appears wearing tin armour. After numerous episodes, the knight reveals his identity: he is Lorencín, who comes from the Order of the Petróleo Gal. This is the plot to one of the masterpieces written by the librettist Salvador Granés and the composer Luis Arnedo, Lorencín, o el caballero del cine, a hilarious parody of Lohengrin that ridicules the magnificence and transcendentalism of Wagner’s original.  

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