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Orlando Consort (David Gould, alto; Mark Dobell and Angus Smith, tenor; Donald Greig, baritone)

The Motet. Renaissance. From Du Fay to Guerrero

Ave Maria, by Loyset Compère and Quasi cedrus, by Francisco Guerrero


Marian devotion flourished during the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, which is reflected in the motets of the period. The Ave Maria by the Franco-Flemish composer Loyset Compère has two clearly differentiated sections: the Ave María per se (with a different text to the present), composed over a melodic ostinato in the tenor, and a kind of litany of great melodic beauty. Francisco Guerrero’s motet Quasi cedrus also has two sections. The first of them, with a contrapuntal texture, is based on a text from the Book of Ecclesiasticus, while the second is a musical setting of the prayer Tota pulchra es (based on the Songs of Songs).


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