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laReverdie (Claudia Caffagni, Livia Caffagni, Elisabetta de Mircovich and Matteo Zenatti)

The Motet, from Beginning to End

Mors a primi patris, Quomodo cantabimus, Do way Robin, Salve cleri speculum and Mors & vita duello (instrumental)


The origin of the motet during the Middle Ages is associated with polyphonic compositions called organum and, in particular, with one of the sections in which the style of the cantus firmus is melismatic. The early motets were copied in the final sections of the manuscripts of the so-called Notre-Dame School and gave rise to the motets of the Ars Antiqua and the Ars Nova. In this case, some early examples from the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries composed in France and England are performed.

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