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Sonia de Munck, soprano and Aurelio Viribay, piano

Bacarisse and Exile

Cuatro cantarcillos Op. 68, Mira gentil dama Op. 67 and Tres nanas de Rafael Alberti Op. 20, by Salvador Bacarisse

11/22/2017 - 11/29/2017

Salvador Bacarisse’s extensive vocal output, as well as that of his fellow composers of the Grupo de los Ocho, represents a look towards Spain’s popular and art-music traditions. This generation was the first to use the music of the past to generate stylistic renewal. This is evidenced, for example, in Cuatro cantarcillos or in Mira, gentil dama, works in which Bacarisse employs a neoclassical aesthetic to set some poems of the fifteenth and sixteenth century to music.

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