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Quiroga Quartet (Aitor Hevia y Cibrán Sierra, violin; Josep Puchades, viola; Helena Poggio, cello)

A History of the Quartet in Seven Concerts

Works by Haydn, Pleyel, and Mozart

11/24/2017 - 11/25/2017

Like many listeners of his time, Goethe conceived the string quartet as a rational conversation between four intelligent people. To a large extent, this idea is embodied in works like Haydn’s String Quartets, Op. 33, which revolutionised the string-quartet genre. Following suit, Mozart would take three years to compose six quartets that he dedicated to his friend Haydn. For his part, Ignaz Pleyel, Haydn’s pupil, managed to disseminate his quartets very successfully all over Europe.


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  • Exhibition 4:23
  • Exhibition 5:09
  • Exhibition 5:47
  • Exhibition 5:41
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