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Laurence Verna, piano and Pedro Casablanc, actor. Ignacio García, artistic direction

Manfred. Dramatic poem by Robert Schumann. Text by Lord Byron

2/14/2018 - 2/17/2018

Solitude, supernatural forces and an implacable destiny hover over the hapless main character of Manfred. The suffering of the character created by Lord Byron, the epitome of Romanticism, sparked the interest of Robert Schumann. Deeply interested in the connections between music and literature, the composer conceived a melodrama based on the German translation of the poem. The work was premiered in 1852 thanks to Franz Liszt, and sparked a sincere interest in the genre in the Hungarian. The pianistic version -which is performed in this production as the third instalment in the series Melodramas- was the first published and that which was undoubtedly more widely circulated throughout the nineteenth century.

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