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Attacca Quartet

A History of the Quartet in Seven Concerts

T. Takemitsu: A Way A Lone & O. Golijov: Yiddishbuk


The Japanese composer Toru Takemitsu was inspired by a passage from Joyce’s Finnegans Wake to compose A Way A Lone (1981). The sounds of the piece revolve around the notes E flat, E natural and A, which form the word SEA in German notation. On the other hand, the deep impact the drawings done by the children who were prisoners at the Terezín concentration camp led Osvaldo Golijov to compose Yiddishbuk. The titles of the work’s movements bear the names of the people to whom they pay tribute: Doris Weiserova, Frantisek Bass and Tomas Kauders (children who died at Terezín), the poet Isaac Bashevis Singer and the composer Leonard Bernstein.

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