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Dunedin Consort. John Butt, harpsichord and direction

Arnold Dolmetsch and Early Instruments (London, 1896)

Works by H. Lawes, J. Jenkins, B. Marcello, J. P. Rameau and H. Purcell


Arnold Dolmetsch began restoring and playing instruments that had fallen into disuse and reviving the British repertory from the sixteenth to the eighteenth centuries in a series of concerts organised between 1891 and 1900 in London also involving his second wife Elodie and daughter Hélène. Here, the Dunedin Consort recreates the concert given at the Dolmetsch workshop on 18 February 1896 consisting of works by H. Lawes, J. Jenkins, B. Marcello, J.-P. Rameau and H. Purcell, among others.

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