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 Miguel Ituarte, piano and harpsichord

The Origin of Early Music (IV). Landowska and the Battle of the Harpsichord (Madrid, 1905)

Works by J. S. Bach, F. Durante, L. Giustini, D. Zipoli, D. Scarlatti, G. F. Händel, J. Mattheson, G. P. Telemann, J-Ph. Rameau, L. N. Clérambault, L. C. Daquin and F. Couperin


On 22 November 1905 the Polish harpsichordist Wanda Landowska gave her first recital in Spain. The audience bore witness to her visionary approach, which consisted of performed “early” music by alternating between the harpsichord and piano. Miguel Ituarte emulates this program, exploring the music of J. S. Bach and his contemporaries using the same technique of instrumental alternation as Landowska, which is equally innovative for contemporary listeners.

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