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Pierre Aderne, guitar and voice, and Augusto Baschera, guitar

From Bossa Nova to Tropicalism

Works by B. Powell, P. Aderne, M. Faraco, M. Carvalho, M. Faraco, E. Krieger, M. Gardot, C. Veloso, L. Minax, Anonymous, V. de Moraes, W. Tiso, M. Peyroux and J. Gilberto


Pierre Aderne performs a selection of Brazilian music with Augusto Baschera, ranging from bossa nova to tropicalismoBossa nova, which emerged from a blend of African and European elements from both the popular and art-music traditions, gained an international reputation and became the musical flagship of a Brazil immersed in a cultural explosion during the mid-twentieth century. Tropicalismo, inspired by Caetano Veloso, combines bossa novawith rock, fado and other influences. The genre became a worldwide phenomenon with The Girl from Ipanema, before opening up to new influences.

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