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Roser Font and Guillem Alonso Alcalay, tap dancing, Lluís Coloma, piano, Manuel Germán, double bass, and Marc Ruiz, drums

Musical Choreographies. Boogie Woogie Tap

Works by L. Coloma, F. Slack, M. "L" Lewis, J. "K" Oliver, T. Monk, C. C. Davenport, L. Carr and J. Fina


To the beat of the boogie-woogie, a style of danceable blues closely linked to the piano bar, the Lluís Coloma Trio and the dancers Roser Font and Guillem Alonso show us the rhythmic complexity and virtuosity characteristic of tap dancing. This style of dance, created during the second half of the nineteenth century as the successor to the musical traditions of the two largest cultural groups of the east coast of the United States, the Irish and the Afro-Americans, is easily recognisable by the rhythmic movement of the body in time with the tapping sound made by the movement of the feet.

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