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Marta Zabaleta, piano

The Boulangers and their Pupils (III). The piano at Nadia Boulanger's school

Works by J. Françaix, N. Bonet Armengol, N. Boulanger, L. Boulanger, A. Piazzolla, Vězslava Kaprálová, P. Glass and A. Copland


This program probably would have received the approval of Nadia Boulanger, not only because all of the works were composed by members of her circle, but because, as Nadia herself recommended, pieces that are easy on the ear alternate with other, more innovative works. This contrast generates repercussions between the pieces that immediately seduce the listener, such as those of Piazzolla and Copland, and those of a more intellectual nature, such as those of Lili Boulanger and Vítězslava Kaprálová.

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