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Sarah Fox, soprano, Markus Farnsworth, baritone, and Malcolm Martineau, piano

Musical Clichés. Visions of Spain (VII). The Spirit of the People: Spanisches Liederbuch

Hugo Wolf: Spanische Liederbuch 


In 1842 Emanuel Geibel and Paul Heyse published an anthology of Spanish and Portuguese poetry translated into German, which they titled Spanisches Liederbuch. Imbued with the Romantic spirit, Hugo Wolf set 44 poems from this collection to music between October 1889 and April 1890. In this vast work, the composer combined spiritual songs ("the ardent and desolate expression of a tortured faith, preceded by glowing visions of the Sagrada Familia") and secular songs, which he presents as short farces about love, humour, passion and death.

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