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Fundación Juan March's concert season 2019-2020 presentation


After 45 years of uninterrupted musical activity, the Fundación Juan March presents the 2019/20 Music Season in its recently renovated auditorium. Preceded by a presentation from the Foundation’s Director, Javier Gomá Lanzón, the head of music programming, Miguel Ángel Marín, previews some of the 160 concerts of the season, divided into 25 series. These include chamber opera, melodramas, concert series and two educational projects. The event concludes with the presentation of the renovations, which has not only led the auditorium to improve on an acoustic and technical level and to an extension of the stage, but refurbish the backstage, dressing rooms and adjacent spaces, as well as create a rehearsal hall and a room for radio broadcasts. To celebrate, the season begins with a markedly festive program, performed by the RTVE orchestra conducted by Lucas Macías.

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