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Vandalia. Juan Meseguer, narration

The Music of the Catholic Monarchs. Three Historic Moments. Games of Courtly Love (Laredo, 1496)

Works by F. de Peñalosa, J. Cornago, J. del Encina, J. de Urrede, J. Pérez de Gijón, J. Vásquez, L. de Narváez and M. Flecha


In this theatrical concert, the master of ceremonies (Juan Meseguér) directs a staged performance of the Juego trobado. This courtly pastime consists of discovering which noblewomen are hidden behind a series of verbal, visual and musical clues. It is very likely that the game, devised by the poet Jerónimo de Pinar, was developed in Laredo in 1496, while preparations were being made for Joanna of Castile’s departure for Flanders. The musical repertory mentioned in the poem is included in the most important songbooks of the period.

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