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Aleksandr Deineka (1899–1969): An Avant-Garde for the Proletariat

10/7/2011 - 1/15/2012

The exhibition Aleksandr Deineka (1899–1969): An Avant-Garde for the Proletariat presents Deineka’s oeuvre side by side with a careful and in some cases significant selection of works by avant-garde and revolutionary artists (from Kazimir Malevich to Aleksandr Rodchenko, and from Gustavs Klucis to Aleksei Gan) and realist artists (such as Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin, Iurii Pimenov or Aleksandr Samokhvalov). It is the first exhibition to present this outstanding figure of socialist realism—and, by extension, the historical period from which his work was borne—in a twofold context: the end of the avant-garde and the advent of Soviet socialist realism. It covers Deineka’s entire oeuvre, from his early paintings of the 1920s to the twilight of his career in the 1950s, combining Deineka’s graphic work, extraordinary posters and celebrated contributions to illustrated magazines and books with his imposing monumental paintings. Factories and enthusiastic masses, athletes and farmers, the ideal and idyllic image of Soviet life in works that are not only outstanding ventures into painting and creations of great formal beauty, but also formidable metaphors of the Soviet utopia and the conviction that social and material reality could be transformed by the revolutionary dialectic of capital and labor.

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