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Iuventas Orchestra (Rubén Fernández, conductor). Presenter: Fernando Palacios

Educational concert with presenter. All play together. The history of the orchestra

Works by J. Ph. Rameau, G. Ph. Telemann, L. Boccherini, W. A. Mozart, F. Mendelssohn, G. Holst, B. Britten y D. Ramos

12/17/2011 - 2/7/2012

The objective of this educational concert, which formed part of the series Educational Concerts for Young People, is to stimulate the listener’s musical and aesthetic experience. Guided by the presenter’s explanations, the concert describes a concise history of the orchestra illustrated, in this case, by a chamber orchestra smaller than a symphony orchestra. Through works of differents periods and styles (from baroque until 21st century) the concert shows the implications to have a large group of performers making music all together and the tecnical difficulties that it was to the composer, but also the new possibilities. The Teaching Guide accompanying this concert is available at: www.march.es/musica/jovenes/

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