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Roberto Prosseda, piano

Verdi in the drawing room

Gioacchino Rossini: “Un petit train de plaisir”, from Péchés de Viellesse vol. VI, No. 9 and Giuseppe Verdi: Romanza senza parole en Fa mayor and Vals in F Major


After retiring from the stage, Rossini concentrated on the composition of his Péchés de Vieillesse (“Sins of Old Age”), humoristic pieces for piano dedicated “to fourth-class pianists”, among whom he included himself. In “Un petit train de plaisir”, the tragicomic nature of the story is emphasized using pictorial-musical resources. This video also features Verdi’s only two piano works: the Romanza senza parole, from 1844, and the Waltz in F Major, better known in Nino Rota’s orchestration for the unforgettable dance scene in Il Gattopardo (“The Leopard”). It thus contains a selection of rare works that gave presence to recognised opera composers in private settings.

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