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Cuarteto Bacarisse

Salvador Bacarisse: Cuarteto nº 2 Op. 14 (Primera interpretación en tiempos modernos)


This video features the first modern-day performance of Salvador Bacarisse’s Cuarteto nº 2 Op. 12 (String Quartet No. 2 Op. 12), together with an excerpt from a lecture delivered by his son, Salvador Bacarisse Cuadrado, in 1990 (complete audio available at: http://digital.march.es/clamor/es/fedora/repository/atm%3A2733#flowplayer). Composed in 1932, while he still resided in Spain, it is divided into three movements: the first is a free interpretation of sonata form, the second contains dodecaphonic elements and marked rhythmic ostinati, while the third has a fresher and more ironic character.

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