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Taller Sonoro (Jesús Sánchez Valladares, flauta; Camilo Irizo, clarinete; Alejandro Tuñón, violín; María del Carmen Coronado, violonchelo y Ignacio Torner, piano)

Composers Sub-35 (II)

<p>Fran M. M. Cabeza de Vaca:<em>The tryst, </em>for violin, cello and piano</p>


Fran M. M. Cabeza de Vaca composed The Tryst in 2010. The works begins vigorously and violently, with various glissandi that take on thematic importance. The central section develops in an apparent stillness, characterised by unusual sonorities in all three instruments, which leads to the coda, in a scherzo-like nature and with a strong gestural component.

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