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Taller Sonoro (Jesús Sánchez Valladares, flauta; Camilo Irizo, clarinete; Alejandro Tuñón, violín; María del Carmen Coronado, violonchelo y Ignacio Torner, piano)

Composers Sub-35 (II)

José Rubén Cid "Kaleidoskopik, for flute, clarinet, violin, cello and piano"


The beginning of Brahms’s Intermezzo Op. 118 no. 2 is the point of departure for Kaleidoskopik, which manipulates the original material throughout its four sections, offering different views of it. An updated version of Brahms’s motive is thus reflected in a piece alternating pointillistic techniques with lyricism, and whose technical procedures are inspired by a kaleidoscope.

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