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Silke-Thora Matthies & Christian Köhn, piano four hands

Brahms transcribes Brahms: Complete symphonies, piano 4 hands

“Un poco allegretto” from the Symphony no. 3 Op. 90 by Johannes Brahms (arranged by the composer)


This video contains the third movement from Brahms’s Symphony No. 3, composed during the summer of 1883, which has become quite popular. The lyricism of a typically Brahmsian melody and the light accompaniment in arpeggiated chords are characteristic of this unforgettable movement. Of all of his symphonic music, which the composer himself arranged for piano four hands, this is one of the movements that is best suited to the piano. A keen ear may perhaps even perceive certain similarities to Brahms’s last works for the piano, composed a few years later.

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