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Ludmil Angelov, piano

Virtuoso Training: Études for Piano. Virtuosism in the left hand

Etude Op. 25 nº 5 by F. Chopin; Etude nº 34 "Mazurka" by L. Godowsky; Etude Op. 10 nº 12 "Revolutionary" by F. Chopin; Etude nº 22 for the left hand by L. Godowsky


This concert invites listeners to compare Chopin’s études with Godowsky’s virtuosic paraphrases of them. Chopin’s Étude Op. 25 no. 5 seems to be based on irregularity due to the dissonances in the opening melody and its form, with a secondary theme in the minor key. Godowsky’s transcription introduces a new irregular element, rhythm, giving rise to a mazurka. In turn, the “Revolutionary” Étude is characterised by rapid passages in the left hand and its dramatic atmosphere. Godowsky complicates matters even further with his paraphrase, concentrating all the music (melody and accompaniment) in the left hand and transposing the work to the atypical key of C sharp minor, without reducing the work’s pathos.

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