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Joseph Siankope, trumpet and voice & The Missing Stompers (Arturo Cid, clarinet and voice; Fernando Berruezo, saxofón tenor; Alejandro Pérez, saxofón alto; David Herrington, trumpet; Antonio "n'tuba" Martí, tuba; Marce Merino, banjo and Carlos "sir Charles" González, drums)

Armstrong and New Orleans Jazz

When the saints go marching in


Few pieces from the jazz repertroy are as well known as “When the Saints Go Marching In”. Based on the gospel hymn “When the Saints are Marching In”, it was traditionally performed at funerals in New Orleans. The performance given by The Missing Stompers uses the instruments found in Dixieland bands and the type of performance characteristic of the 1920s and 30s. This consists of a number of improvised solos, performed one after the other, none of which is too long, so as not to lose sight of the work’s harmonic and melodic structure.

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