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Anna Tonna, mezzosoprano y Jorge Robaina, piano

Postwar Songs

Songs by Del Campo, Gombau, Bonet, Peris, Romero and Sánchez Gavito, presented by Germán Gan and Juan Manuel Viana


This video includes an anthology of some of the most representative examples of art song composed in Spain between 1940 and 1960, a little-known genre today but popular with composers of the period. The concert formed part of the Premieres and Re-premieres series, and consisted of various songs performed for the first time, such as Estampa Romántica by José Sánchez Gavito, Me muero, niña by Conrado del Campo and Comença la tardor by Narcís Bonet. The concert also included works by José Peris Lacasa and Elena Romero, who represents one of the few women composers in an almost exclusively male context. The recital concluded with a section devoted to works promoted by the music critic Antonio Fernández-Cid, one of the driving forces behind the vocal and stage genre who inspired the Canciones gallegas, among which is the Cantiga da vendima by Gerardo Gombau. Anyone interested in consulting either Elena Romero or Antonio Fernández-Cids’ bequests may do so at the Fundación Juan March Library.

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