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Capella de Ministrers (Carles Magraner, viola and conduction; David Antich, flute; Juan Manuel Rubio, hurdy-gurdy, medieval lute and harp and Pau Ballester, percussion)

Instrumentalis musica Medii Aevi. (I) Courtly dances from 13th and 14th centuries


This video includes a selection of music from the Middle Ages taken from three different sources from European Mediterranean region (France, Italy and Spain). These works, which reflect a much brighter and more open period than usually thought, all pertain to courtly circles. Among them is one of the Cantigas de Santa María, undoubtedly one of the best-known repertories of the period. In this musical corpus, promoted by Alfonso X “the Wise” and made up of over 400 works, courtly love is consecrated by converting the poet’s pledge of service to his lady into that of the king to the Virgin. The instrumental performance of this composition shows how genres and functions were interchangeable in the music of the time.

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