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Fernando Espí, guitarra

Three Centuries of Boleros. Twentieth-century boleros

Bolero, by Julián Arcas; El Rumbo (bolero), byTomás Damas: "Puerta de Tierra", from Recuerdos de viaje Op. 71 (arrangement by F. Espí), by Isaac Albéniz; Boliche (bolero clásico) by Ángel Barrios and "Allegro moderato. Tempo di bolero" from Sonata a la española, by Joaquín Rodrigo.


In his recital, the guitarist Fernando Espí took us on a journey from the bourgeois salons of the Romantic period to the modern-day yearing for an idealised musical past in the form of five pieces by Julián Arcas, Tomás Damas, Isaac Albéniz, Ángel Barrios and Joaquín Rodrigo. The bolero is the theme of this trip, which features works by nineteenth-century guitarists forgotten today, but who were internationally famous at the time.

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