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Agustín García Calvo, Isabel Escudero, Amancio Prada

Agustín García Calvo, forever


"Of course one begins as a child, when one looks up to the heavens on a pure summer’s night, or when one has that nagging feeling inside, mulling over in one’s mind. Everything begins from there, for anyone. Some will have forgotten or rather blocked it out, I have certainly never forgotten it. That is the question, due to the endlessness, and where we are: towards heaven and inwards, the most profound"; declared Agustín García Calvo, recently deceased, when he presented his “Intellectual Autobiography” at the Fundación Juan March on 13 May 2010. It was also during the month of May, but in 2013, and on the same stage, that the poetess Isabel Escudero acknowledged that the best way of remembering him is in his poems, which also come to life in the voice and music of Amancio Prada.

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