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Luis Gago: presenter. Elena Gragera, mezzosoprano y Antón Cardó, piano

The History of Lied in seven concerts. (and VII) New Languages

Works by A. Schönberg, H. Eisler, F. Martin and W. Rihm


The History of Lied in seven concerts. (and VII) New Languages. Lied has maintained its vitality throughout the twentieth century due to the large number of composers who have approached the genre, from different perspectives, with the intention of giving it new life. This video includes a selection of these proposals, which range from the incipient atonality of Schönberg’s Lieder to the wrenching expressiveness of Rhim’s songs, as well as the political role Eisler assigned to the genre and the avant-garde experimentation of the works of Frank Martin. Luis Gago’s explanations, combined with a selection of Lieder performed by Elena Gragera and Antón Cardó, assist in the understanding of the genre’s evolution over the last century.

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