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Jordi Domènech, José Hernández-Pastor y Carlos Mena; countertenors; Dani Espasa, Alberto Martínez Molina, harpsichords; Oriol Aymat, cello; Jesús Fernández Baena, archlute, Calia Álvarez Dotres, viola da gamba; y Mensa Harmónica. Juan Manuel Viana talks with Álvaro Torrente and José Luis Sancho


5/15/2013 - 5/29/2013

For centuries, castration was commonly carried out for artistic purposes in European musical life, turning castrated singers into true media stars. This video includes a summary of the Castrati series: three concerts containing programs based on the most famous castrati in history. In this series, works that were originally sung by Ferri, Senesino and Farinelli were performed by José Hernández-Pastor, Jordi Domènech and Carlos Mena, respectively. The video, enriched with many illustrations, is complemented by extracts from Juan Manuel Viana’s interviews with the musicologist Álvaro Torrente and the historian José Luis Sancho. Their discussions reveal surprising aspects of the exotic, and at the same time unknown, lives of these artists.

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