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Juan José Lahuerta, Luis d'Ors, Román Gubern, María Tausiet


10/8/2013 - 10/17/2013

This series investigates the way in which different approaches to art interpreted the ideas of the Surrealist movement, whose images combine and expand a language already present in art history and in literature. The first three lectures explore some of the artistic expressions (painting, theatre and film, respectively) relating to the Surrealist movement; the fourth and final lecture explains the visual imagery common to the Surrealist movement. Juan José Lahuerta analyses the retrospective nature of art history and pinpoints the difficulties of the Surrealist movement to be verified in painting. Luis d’Ors highlights five essential features of Surrealist theatre. Román Gubern wonders whether the possibility of Surrealist cinema can be taken beyond the movement itself, examining Surrealist filmography and especially its canonical films. María Tausiet outlines the inventory of Surrealist imagery through its thematic precedents in the medieval origins of fantasy and mysticism.

Exhibition related: Surrealists before Surrealism. Fantansy and the fantastic in prints, drawings and photography

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