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Ramón Tamames, Cristina García Rodero, Antonio Colinas, Antón García Abril, Carmen Alborch and Ángel Sánchez de la Torre

Memories of the Fundación with Íñigo Alfonso

November 2014-February 2015

10/27/2014 - 2/23/2015

The journalist Íñigo Alfonso interviews several public figures who once received scholarships or grants from the Fundación Juan March. The economist Ramón Tamames recalls his political life in the Partido Comunista de España (Communist Party of Spain) and reflects on the Spanish Constitution. The photographer Cristina García Rodero describes her motivations and work method, while assessing her recent incorporation into the Magnum agency. Antonio Colinas reflects on his poetics and contemporary poetry. The composer Antón García Abril tells of his years of training and the complexities of composition. The politician and writer Carmen Alborch reviews her political beginnings and reflects on the state of culture in Spain. To conclude, the jurist Ángel Sánchez de la Torre comments on several studies of Christianity from ethics, economy and law-based approaches.

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