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Oxalys and Boyan Vodenitcharov, piano

Soviet music: from the Revolution to Stalin. Around the exhibition "Aleksandr Deineka (1899–1969): An Avant-Garde for the Proletariat" (y III)

“Moderato assai” by Mieczyslaw Weinberg


This string trio (the only trio for this instrumental combination in Weinberg’s vast and largely unknown catalogue of works) dates from 1950. Only two years earlier, the Soviet authorities publically condemned the composer, accusing his music of alleged formalism. The extraordinary rhythmic quality of this movement reveals the mastery of a composer who is yet to hold his rightful place in the history of twentieth-century music. The complete concert this ensemble gave on 26 May 2010 as part of the cycle “The Arrangement as a Musical Work” is available at http://www.march.es/musica/envivo/detalle.aspx?p0=3556

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