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La Academia de los Nocturnos (Maria Bayley, Livio Ticli, Marcello Mazzetti, David Alonso and Isaac Alonso de Molina)

Bernhard Ycart: sacred music in Aragon's Naples (15th century)

Bernhard Ycart: Lamentación primera del Jueves Santo, Magnificat de primer tono

10/25/2015 - 10/26/2015

Bernhard Ycart is one of those mysterious figures that are found throughout music history. The few biographical details known about him situate him in Tortosa in 1478 and, two years later, in Naples. His sumptuous Lamentaciones (which Petrucci printed in 1506) are linked to music making at the Neapolitan court, while Gregorian monody and polyphony alternate in the Magnificat de primer tono, included in the Codex Faenza.

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