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  • Juan Mayorga, Clara Sanchis and Pere Ponce
    Juan Mayorga, Clara Sanchis and Pere Ponce
    Summary of the lecture and dramatised reading
    13:33APRIL 26, 2011The playwright Juan Mayorga creates a "cartography" of his own life, setting it out within an imaginary map. The starting point is his childhood, when he would listen to his father reading out loud. Some of the other most important coordinates over the course of his life were his education in mathematics and philosophy, his reinterpretation of the classics, the imagination of the viewer, and his dedication to theatre as the art form of the future. He ends this presentation by performing his play 581 mapas with Clara Sanchis and Pere Ponce.
  • Román Gubern
    Román Gubern
    Presentation of the "Melodrama and Star-system" cycle
    5:44FEBRUARY 18, 2011Greta Garbo, Gloria Swanson, Joan Crawford and Rudolph Valentino, directed by Murnau, von Stroheim, Borzage, Niblo and Ingram, among others, return to the screen in Fundación Juan March’s first series dedicated to silent cinema. Coordinated by Román Gubern and presented by well-known film buffs and experts, the series investigates the origins and peak of the world of the silent movies made by Hollywood.
  • Michel J. Sandel
    Michel J. Sandel
    Justice. What should we do?
    9:57FEBRUARY 24, 2011Michael J. Sandel says the philosophical ideas of Justice and the common good should be connected in modern societies, in which the discussion about social and moral issues has been displaced by a faith in the markets’ ability to define Justice. He underscores the need to discuss issues such as abortion, surrogate pregnancy, euthanasia and the distribution of wealth, in order to arrive at a democratic ideal of the common good.
  • Emilio Lledó
    Emilio Lledó
    Intellectual Autobiography
    14:55FEBRUARY 22, 2011Emilio Lledó discusses his life with Manuel Cruz, basing it around "his homelands", of the Neckar, the Pisuerga, the Teide and the Mediterranean. He remembers learning about freedom for the first time with his earliest schoolmaster, recalls his experiences with Ortega and Heidegger and reflects on memory, friendship and love.
  • Carmen Iglesias
    Carmen Iglesias
    Intellectual Autobiography
    6:11JANUARY 18, 2011In dialogue with Manuel Ventero, Carmen Iglesias talks about the importance of reading in her life, the origins of her passion for the 18th Century, the importance of education and the difficult but necessary quest for co-existence.
  • Francisco Rico
    Francisco Rico
    Petrarch: his life, his work, his times
    6:49JANUARY 13, 2011Over the course of two talks, Francisco Rico studies the life and the works of Petrarch, and suggests answers to the questions that interest him, such as: is Petrarch a great poet or a good poet? And did Laura really exist?
  • Almudena Grandes
    Almudena Grandes
    Poetics and Narrative
    4:29DECEMBER 14, 2010Almudena Grandes sees her Atlas de geografía humana as her “swan song”, marking the start of a new stage in her storytelling career. Talking to Ángel Basanta, she looks at the different phases in her literary creativity and gives her first reading of an excerpt from her latest novel.
  • Gabriel Menéndez Torrellas
    Gabriel Menéndez Torrellas
    Orpheus and the birth of opera between love and the underworld
    5:18NOVEMBER 2, 2010Gabriel Menéndez Torrellas sets the scene in Mantua in 1607, and uses this starting point to describe the birth of opera through Monteverdi’s "Orpheus".
  • Rosa Sala Rose
    Rosa Sala Rose
    Goethe: his life, his work, his time (and II): “Goethe's works"
    4:42OCTOBER 28, 2010In these two talks, Rosa Sala Rose uses some of Goethe’s most important poems as the theme for a journey through his life and works.
  • Román Gubern
    Román Gubern
    Presentation of Flesh and the Devil (1927) in the "Melodrama and Star-system" cycle
    3:41OCTOBER 15, 2010Román Gubern describes "Flesh and the Devil" as the film that turned Greta Garbo into “the Divine Woman”. She played a femme fatale, and in two iconic scenes reinvented the technique of the on-screen kiss.