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  • Tamar Beraia
    Tamar Beraia
    Maurice Ravel: "Le gibet", from Gaspard de la Nuit and Manuel de Falla: "Danza ritual del fuego", from El amor brujo
    8:53MARCH 21, 2015

    A repetitive funereal bell tolls as the sun goes down on a Medieval town. The solitary corpse of a hanged man stands out against the horizon and the evening is converted into a macabre moment. They are the shadows of “Le gibet” (“The Gibbet”), from Gaspard de la nuit, the poetic fanstaisie of Medieval effects written by Aloysius Bertrand, which Ravel transferred to the piano. The mystical, lugubrious, supernatural and obsessive atmosphere reappears in the “Ritual Fire Dance”, from Falla’s El amor brujo. The gypsy Candela dances around the fire while she invokes the spirit of her dead husband, a ghost that torments the young girl, who is eager to marry Carmelo.

  • Fundación Juan March