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  • Garnati Ensemble
    Garnati Ensemble
    Ramón Paus: Ciudadano Sombra (estreno)
    30:36MARCH 4, 2015

    When we are stripped of culture, our home or social services, we become “Ciudadanos Sombra” (Shadow citizens). But “Sombra” can also rebel (as the viola does in the first movement of this trio by Ramón Paus); it can imagine a more ethical world (such as in the second movement) or flee forward (an escape reflected in the pizzicati of the last movement). Paus, who has established a long career as a film composer, demonstrates his talent for concert music in this trio, skilfully moving between tonality and atonality.   

  • Garnati Ensemble
    Garnati Ensemble
    Conrado del Campo: Trio N º 1 in A minor(1st modern times performance) y Trio Nº 2 in G Major (premiere)
    27:16MARCH 4, 2015

    The Garnati Ensemble gave the first modern-day performance of Conrado del Campo’s Trio No. 1 in A minor. Premiered in 1931, this work stands out for its virtuosic writing, with modal passages and a dense harmonic treatment that, in spite of the usual classifications, cannot be described as “Germanic”. The ensemble also gave the world premiere of his Trio No. 2 in G major. Composed in 1930, it demonstrates refined melodies that are interwoven to generate a fine harmonic tapestry. As in the previous case, the work reflects the influence that Neoclassicism exerted over the composer during this period.

  • Fundación Juan March