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  • Rocío Márquez and Alfredo Lagos
    Rocío Márquez and Alfredo Lagos
    Flamenco Singing
    1:09:42MARCH 19, 2016

    "Pure" flamenco? It is difficult to apply this description to music that arises from a crossroads of influences. "Classical" flamenco? Perhaps this term is more useful in referring to this style of music, which emerged during the eighteenth century and reached its peak during the twentieth century. Rocío Márquez and Alfredo Lagos perform characteristic flamenco palos. Seguiriyas, fandangos, cantiñas of Cadiz and cantos de ida y vuelta (songs that have gone back and forth) feature in this recital.

  • Concert Season 2015-2016
    4:59SEPTEMBER 30, 2015

    A summary of the 2015-2016 Season with over 150 concerts divided into 27 projects, including diverse genres such as music theatre, jazz, the great classical repertory, world polyphonies and contemporary music. One of the most significant novelties is that the audio and video of the Wednesday concerts will be broadcast live, through www.march.es/directo