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  • Alamire
    Pastime with Good Company, by Henry VIII
    2:01NOVEMBER 25, 2016“It is better to spend time hunting, dancing and singing in good company than being idle”. These were the words Henry VIII of England used to express his view of what a Renaissance prince should do. A patron of the arts, humanist, poet and soldier, Henry VIII surrounded himself with the best composers of his time. But he also knew how to sing, accompanying himself on the lute, and he probably even composed songs such as Pastime with good company.
  • Tess Knighton
    Tess Knighton
    A King Composer: Henri VIII
    30:45NOVEMBER 25, 2016

    The controversial image of Henry VIII is called into question when the early years of his reign are analysed. During this period the king met with the ideals of Renaissance humanism. In her presentation, Tess Knighton reveals this alternative side to Henry VIII, a composer and the driving force behind a refined program of cultural patronage.

  • Fundación Juan March