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  • Seldom Sene
    Seldom Sene
    Francesco da Milano: Bassadanza La Spagna
    2:10MAY 7, 2017

    The low dance or basse dance was a very popular court dance in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. Considered the precursor to the pavane, it was an elegant dance performed in pairs whose cantus firmus usually came from popular song. The basse danse composed by the lutenist Francesco da Milano is based on the melody La Spagna, also known as Il Re di Spagna, which was well known all over Europe during the Renaissance.

  • Seldom Sene
    Seldom Sene
    Works by A. de Cabezón, F. de Peñalosa, A. Guerrero y J. des Prés
    13:08MAY 7, 2017

    The large family of recorders represented in its entirety. In their recital, the international recorder ensemble Seldom Sene used over 30 instruments, replicas of recorders from the Medieval and Renaissance periods, to perform Spanish polyphonic works from the Renaissance. Composed for a cathedral setting, this repertoire represents one of the high points in the history of Western music.

  • Fundación Juan March